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When Compassion Hurts

Finding a way to uplift thought when compassionate feelings hurt. Read More »

Media Coverage of Connecticut Funerals Appallingly Insensitive

There are some things in this world that should be private, and among them is saying goodbye to a loved one. Read More »

The Second Amendment: Wrong Centerpiece for the Gun Debate

Controls on military-style weapons won't stop gun violence, but would say much about who we are as a people. Read More »

What if? Thoughts on the Newtown, CT Massacre and Peace

What if we beat guns into plowshares? Read More »

Thoughts About the Connecticut Killings

Parents in Newtown, Connecticut aren't the only ones to lose children. Read More »

Seeking a Motive in the Murder of Young Children and Educators

Here is some early information about the killer of teachers and children, Adam Lanza, of Newtown, Connecticut Read More »

Searching for Answers and Solutions in Newtown

Love, in reflection of God's own love toward humanity, is the ultimate solution Read More »

Connecticut School Shootings Shake Up Parents and Educators

There is no making sense of this because there is no making sense of it. Read More »

Does America Have the Safety On?

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, gun control advocates seek tighter regulations, but are America's gun laws really that relaxed? Read More »

Demands for Stricter Gun Laws Surge in Wake of Shooting

Adam Lanza committed mass murder in a quiet Connecticut town prompting renewed calls for strengthening gun laws. Read More »