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I really hope the powers that be who rule the's Internet presence rethink their new design. Let me know if they do, and I'll come back. I promise. Read More »

Seriously Funny: A Defense of the Comic Strip in an Age of Diminishing Returns

Newspaper comic strips are meant to be taken seriously. Anybody who thinks otherwise isn't paying attention – and the joke's on them. Read More »

Book Review: The Way the World Works: Essays by Nicholson Baker

In this new collection of essays, Nicholson Baker’s observing eye lives up to its title with dryly inquisitive humor. Read More »

Book Review: Newspaper Blackout by Austin Kleon

Austin Kxxxlxxexxxxoxn xxx delivers an entertaining collection of xxxx verse and challenges xxxx his readers to do xxxxx the same. Read More »

DVD Review: Early Edition – The Second Season

More moral dilemmas in season two of Early Edition. Read More »

Subscription Guilt: When Do I Cancel These Newspapers?

A writer worries about adding to the print media's woes. Read More »