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Interview: Marc Zicree on Space Command

Sci-fi writer Marc Zicree has designs on a brand new movie franchise. He speaks with Blogcritics' co-executive editor Barbara Barnett about his new project. Read More »

Book Review: First Cameraman by Arun Chaudhary

A documentarian can show what it was like to be there, to go beyond what people ordinarily see. Does he? Read More »

MTV’s Breakthrough Band of 2011 Voting Ends Tomorrow

Karmin is among the bands vying for MTV's Breakthrough Band of the Year honors. Voting ends 12/16/11. Read More »

A New Time for The New York Times

A recent Storyville documentary provided an interesting insight into working for a traditional publication in the digital modern age. Read More »

Music Video Review: Adele – “Rolling In The Deep”

"Hell hath no fury": Taking a closer look at the brilliant videoclip for Adele’s "Rolling In The Deep." Read More »

Book Review: New New Media by Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson explores the next phase in the evolution of communication. Read More »

The Friday Morning Listen: Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!

New media wins again. Sort of. Read More »

Bloggers Hub At The World Business Forum Opens To Rave Reviews

Positive social media adrenaline amps up business events. Read More »