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Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Mary’s Wedding’

Maya Sugarman and Conner Neddersen in NCTC's production of 'Mary's Wedding.' Photo by Chris Bennion

NCTC maintains its high standards with a largely beautiful, strongly acted production of Stephen Massicotte’s Mary’s Wedding, but it’s limited by a trite text. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Tails of Wasps’ by New Century Theatre Company

Betsy Schwartz and Paul Morgan Stetler in 'Tails of Wasps.' Photo by Chris Bennion

An efficient, ruthless puncturing of male power fantasy. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘The Walworth Farce’ by New Century Theatre Company

Peter Dylan O'Connor, Darragh Kennan and Peter Crook in 'The Walworth Farce.' Photo by Chris Bennion

The performances here are brilliant across the board, with Crook leading the way with a ferocious turn as an utterly misguided patriarch, a figure in equal parts pathetic and chilling in his boundless self-aggrandizement. Read More »