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Dare We Mention Obama’s Shortcomings?

Some criticism of the president, from a devout Democrat. Read More »

Contender Gingrich Stands Behind his Bold Remarks

Republican candidate Gingrich has made inflammatory comments about Palestine, and continues to stand behind them. Read More »

What Does The Arab Re-Awakening Mean For Middle East Interests?

With the Middle East experiencing social upheaval and revolution what does that mean for our interests? Read More »

The Bought Out Prime Minister and the Warning from the Settlers he is Betraying

Push folks too far, lie to them too much - and they will toss you out on your butt. Read More »

“Terror Makes You Piss Your Pants!”: Caroline Glick Kicking Ass – Sorta

Caroline Glick - unrestrained satirist - shackled analyst. One wishes she could see how much truth there is in humor. Read More »

Iran, The Magic Key, and the Samson Option

Iran, not Israel, holds the "magic key" to avoiding the Samson Option and nuclear war in the Middle East. Read More »