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DVD Review: ‘Mama’s Family – The Complete First and Second Seasons’


Bottom line, despite its flaws, or maybe a little bit because of them, as they seem true to form, Mama's Family is a welcome addition to DVD. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Hannibal’

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 3.57.32 PM

Hannibal works beautifully as a character study as well as a crime procedural. Read More »

TV Review: Hannibal – “Pilot”

NBC's may be the only network with a decent show about serial killers. Read More »

eBook Review: Meet the Press: 65 Years of History in the Making by NBC Publishing

Meet the Press is a treasure trove of information, video, and context for some of the most important moments in our political past. Read More »

A New Idea For Pilot Season

Airing failed pilots is a lose-lose, but if we had a pilot season, it could be a win-win. Read More »

My 2013 Television Wish List

My wishes, hopes and dreams for the coming year in television: a commentary. Read More »

Prospect Park Rattles the Cage

Prospect Park rises again promising to bring back OLTL and AMC... Read More »

Interview: Todd Kessler of The Voice

Todd Kessler in an exclusive interview with Blogcritics' co-executive editor Barbara Barnett Read More »

DVD Review: 30 Rock – Season 6

Tina Fey and her crack crew of rapid fire machine pun artists return. Read More »

NHL Lockout: How Not to Build a Fan Base

Both sides knew even back at last year's All-Star game that this was coming. Everyone knew it, and no one did a thing about it. Read More »