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Does Anyone Remember Memorial Day?

Why are the people on the commercial dancing to celebrate Memorial Day Savings? Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Military Blogs Go Silent In Protest

The military community goes black in support of a soldier who spoke about his personal life and was censored. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Winter In The Hindu Kush

Winter in Afghanistan brings snow, and a flurry of pediatric patients. Read More »

The Sand Pebbles: The Greatest Navy Movie Ever Made

This movie shows how very much the Navy has changed - sadly, for the better. Read More »

War Wife In Vegas: Milblogs and Milbloggers At BlogWorld Expo ’09

BC's own military wife travels to the land of fake-and-more-fake to meet down-to-earth milbloggers at BlogWorld Expo. Read More »

War Wife Weekly: Life Goes On

BC's resident military gives us a glimpse of the home life of the 1% in the nation who serve. Read More »

Milbloggers Invited To BlogWorld Expo

The head of BlogWorld Expo thinks that mibloggers have created a vital and important genre of blogging. Read More »

From Soldier to Yogi: Eric Walrabenstein Reaches Out to Veterans

In Phoenix, veterans are sought for a stress reduction program created by a former infantryman turned yogi. Read More »

The Big Ten (11) Preview: Week One

Is this the season when the Big Ten goes back to the glory years? Read More »

DVD Review: NCIS – The Complete Sixth Season

Another great season of NCIS! Read More »