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Thanksgiving – Being Thankful Today and Everyday

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If you are gathering with one or one hundred people today, you definitely have something for which to be grateful. Read More »

Columbus Day – Talking to Kids About the Explorer

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We can see Columbus as either a daring explorer who set out like a 15th century Captain Kirk to go “where no man had gone before,” or we can see him as an inept navigator who grossly underestimated the size of the earth and the distance across the ocean. Read More »

‘New York Post’ Jacoby Ellsbury Headline Offensive

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I believe the newspaper and its chairman Rupert Murdoch owe Ellsbury and the Native American community a sincere and public apology. Read More »

Interview: Renowned Novelist Parris Afton Bonds Talks Openly and Wildly

The guilty pleasure Parris Afton Bonds finds the naughtiest is like revealing one’s sexual fantasy - and thus losing the power of the fantasy. Read More »

Book Review: The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious History Of Native People In North America by Thomas King

A history that's not going to be everyone's liking as it runs contrary to most people's idea of Indians. Read More »

Book Review: Desert America: Boom and Bust in the New Old West by Ruben Martinez

Desert America is a challenging work which forces us all to think about how the new West will develop. Read More »

Book Review: The Weight of Memory by Jennifer Paddock

An engaging women's novel about the burden of memory and moving on. Read More »

Interview: A Conversation with Trailblazing Scribe Parris Afton Bonds

The insightful and enchanting storyteller Parris Afton Bonds offers up characteristic "passion, persistence, [and] focus" in words and accomplishment. Read More »

Apache Gold Casino: A Local Secret

Apache Gold Casino and Resort offers surprises for gamblers, adventurers, even Native American history buffs. Read More »

A Report from the First “Women, Leadership, Faith” Conference

A black woman multi-millionaire and a Navajo chief’s great-great-granddaughter speaking at a conference in Nashville on leadership and faith? This I had to see! Read More »