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Appropriation of Native American Iconography in the 21st Century

How President Evo Morales can help solve this problem. Read More »

Book Review: Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories by Sherman Alexie

Blasphemy is a collection of brilliant multi-faceted gems guaranteed to make you think Read More »

Interview: Renowned Novelist Parris Afton Bonds Talks Openly and Wildly

The guilty pleasure Parris Afton Bonds finds the naughtiest is like revealing one’s sexual fantasy - and thus losing the power of the fantasy. Read More »

Music Review: Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone

Otis Taylor explores Native American culture with his latest album release. Read More »

Music Review: Martha Redbone Roots Project – The Garden Of Love – Songs Of William Blake

Giving proof to the words of John Keats: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Read More »

Book Review: The Foundlings by R.M. Garcia

Donnie and Abbie now find their love and faith tested to their very limits, while someone or something else watches, waits and hopes. Read More »

Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

An exciting twist on the old west, but it's not without its flaws. Read More »

Movie Review: Two Spirits

Two Spirits beautifully tells the story of the life and brutal death a gay Navajo boy named Fred Martinez. Read More »

DVD Review: Christmas in the Clouds

A cute romantic comedy that tugs at the heart-strings. Read More »

DVD Review: Wake Up

He's not hallucinating, schizophrenic, physically ill, or on drugs, so why is he seeing angels and demons? Read More »