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Snowden’s Leaks Irrelevant in the Long Term


In the long term, espionage doesn't matter. Read More »

Several Reports Cite Chinese Hacking of U.S. Weapons Systems


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reported 198 attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure in fiscal year 2012. Read More »

Faith, Race, and Terror

The recent massacre at a Sikh Temple was a brutal lesson in the inevitable consequences of the color line. Read More »

How to Lose a City in Ten Steps; Part Six: Anchoring an Unlawful Ship

Now that the city is teeming with unemployed illegals, the time has come to hit up the public dole. Read More »

How To Lose A City in Ten Steps, Part Four: Police, Politics, and Citizens United

With the city in shambles, police learn the best way to deal with crime; ignoring it. What? Read More »

How to Lose A City in Ten Steps, Part One: Tracing the Roots of Decay

Illegal immigration is a pandemic that has caused immeasurable damage, but how exactly does it go about doing this? Read More »

Syrian Uprising Dilemma: The SS or the SA?

With choices like these, isn't it best to simply sit out? Read More »

An Interview With the President of Molossia, America’s Smallest Neighbor

Kevin Baugh, president of the Republic of Molossia, explains the dynamics of his self-created country. Read More »

Acting Now Can Save Afghans from Starvation

Three million Afghans will face starvation if the international community does not act. Read More »

Obama, Congress Should Copy JFK’s First Days in Office and Protect the Hungry

President Obama and the Congress, as they grapple with the federal budget, also need to protect the hungry. Read More »