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NFL DeflateGate – Tom Brady Faces Suspension; May the Farce Not Be With You

brady1 - getty

Thanks to the Wells Report, we are learning that the DeflateGate story has legs longer than that guy on stilts in the circus, Read More »

Who’s to Blame for the NFL Scandals? We Are

Adrian Peterson

Our appreciation of athletes isn't proportional to other areas of achievement, which leads athletes to have a sense of entitlement off the field. Read More »

Legendary Raiders Owner Al Davis Passes Away At Age 82

Many have worn the crowns of greatness, villain, and fool. Few have worn them all and fewer with as much defiant pride as Al Davis. Read More »

Super Bowl XLV Seating Controversy

Four hundred fans were left out in the cold in Dallas. Read More »

Are You Ready for Some More Football? NFL Owners Want 18-Game Season

How would the schedule look if this is implemented? Would we be playing the Super Bowl in March? Read More »

Derrick Brooks Officially Retires from the National Football League

Tampa Bay Buccaneers miss the superior linebacker abilities of Derrick Brooks Read More »

Favre, Vick: The NFL Will Survive And Thrive With Or Without You

Two former quarterbacks forgot that they are not bigger than the game -- or the NFL. Read More »