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Book Review: ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir


A runaway bestseller, the book boasts a simple but intriguing premise: with a mission gone wrong, NASA astronaut Mark Watney is accidentally stranded on Mars and needs to find a way to survive and get back to Earth. Read More »

Blu-ray 3D Review: ‘Galactic Adventures Double Feature: 3D Sun/Mars 3D’


The government may have shut down NASA’s space program, but thankfully there are still plenty of these programs to keep us enlightened. Read More »

Giant Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2032 – Time for the World to Work Together Now

aster 1 getty

There are approximately 9,600 near earth objects that NASA is currently tracking, many of them 60% larger than 300 kilometers. Read More »

Book Review: Picturing the Cosmos: Hubble Space Telescope Images and the Astronomical Sublime by Elizabeth Kessler

Picturing the Cosmos offers a fascinating comparison of Romantic artwork with Hubble images. Read More »

Fair Sized Asteroid Will Pass Close on February 15

Amateur astronomers might easily miss this high-velocity asteroid, but it will be a close pass on February 15. Read More »

The World May End on December 21!

A vast number of accounts call for the world to end on December 21, 2012 Read More »

Neil Armstrong Dies: He and His Giant Leap Are Eternal

No flag placed on foreign soil ever meant so much to so many, for Armstrong did not claim the moon for America but for the entire human race. Read More »

NASA’S Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars For A Two Year Study

The "Curiosity" rover lands on Mars for a two year study. Read More »

China’s First Female Astronaut Liu Yang Leaves for Space

33 year old Liu Yang becomes China's first female to be sent into space. Read More »

Theater Review (OK): They Promised Her the Moon by Laurel Ollstein

Jerrie Cobb never made it to outer space, but a new play honors the story of this revolutionary (and Oklahoma-born) female pilot. Read More »