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Interview: Ruth Hull Chatlien, Author of ‘The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte’

ambitious madame bonaparte

"The best way to describe why I write is that it feels as though characters come up to me and say, 'If you don’t tell my story, I will die.'" Read More »

DVD Review: `War and Peace’


The internationally crafted TV miniseries of `War and Peace' is daunting viewing for lovers of costume drama. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): The Red and the Black by Deloss Brown

This cogently written, well-acted period piece is flawed but well worth seeing – especially if you're interested in the milieu of Les Misérables. Read More »

Book Review: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon by Gideon Defoe

This year’s contest is being conducted on Skull Island. One of Pirate Captain’s minions consoles, “Well, maybe the twelfth time will be a charm.” Read More »

Book Review: Russia Against Napoleon: The True Story of the Campaigns of War and Peace by Dominic Lieven

A magisterial work of non-fiction presenting the true story of the Napoleon's attempt to conquer Russia. Read More »

Book Review: The Coral Thief by Rebeccaa Stott

Paris's scientific community in 1815 provides setting for a heist thriller. Read More »

Book Review: Madame de Staël: The Dangerous Exile by Angelica Goodden

There were three great powers struggling against Napoleon for the soul of Europe: "England, Russia, and Madame de Staël". Read More »