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A 1960s Lexicon of Words of Liberation and Self Defense

Power to the People

Over the decade of the 60s these groups developed and shared a lexicon of words that expressed their desire for liberation. The black community at-large widely used these liberation words and phrases. Recently I have been recalling those words and phrases noticing that I rarely hear them in today’s struggle. Read More »

Movie Review: Runaway Slave – 2012 Style

“Martin had a dream. Jesse has a scheme.” – C.L. Bryant Read More »

The Modern-Day Liberal, A Portrait

"Liberal." Imagine everyday political discourse without recourse to this all-convenient label. You can’t! Read More »

Who Would Jesus Incarcerate?

It's time for a new kind of interfaith, anti-war movement in America Read More »

Carolyn Goodman Condescends to Black Crowd at NAACP

Woman scorned for questioning Carolyn Goodman about whether wearing African garb might be perceived as pandering. Read More »

Return of the Race Card: Faux Bigotry Sinks To A New Low

The race card has been played countless times, but this has to be the worst hand yet. Read More »

The Vote is Your Voice — Defend It and Use It

From casting the first ballot in 1788 to today, Americans have had to fight for our suffrage, our collective voice. Read More »

The (Brief) Return of Amos ‘n Andy

Andy Appoints the Kingfish to the Senate Read More »