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Rain Storm by Barry Eisler

There is just something about the real cool killer, to borrow a phrase from Chester Himes, which piques the interest of so many readers. The unique moral code, the take-charge attitude, the ability to do the things an ordinary person never could or would. As the books of Trevanian, Lawrence Block, Thomas Perry, Loren D. Estleman, Max Allan Collins and, ... Read More »

Killer Smile

Sometimes, the guy with the killer smile really is a killer. Knowing how to separate the two is the challenge facing Mary DiNuzio, the star of Lisa Scottoline's latest legal thriller, Killer Smile. Read More »

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Sprawling dystopian cities, strange interstitial havens, nebulous virtual worlds, a seemingly effortless mix of bleeding-edge technology and ancient mysticism, ‘cyberpunk’ … these are the some of the things we have come to expect from the novels of William Gibson. Even if you’ve only read his first book, Neuromancer (the inspiration for the original Matrix movie), you’ll know exactly what I ... Read More »

Whiskey Sour – by J.A. Konrath

Author J.A. Konrath has leapt onto the mystery scene with a debut novel that is so good, so entertaining that it's hard to believe that readers haven't heard from him before now. If this book is any indication of Konrath's talent, he has a long and successful career ahead of him to look forward to. Read More »

By a Spider’s Thread – by Laura Lippman

Good writers often use the genre novel to explore social themes, subjects, or communities we may not often be exposed to in the traditional media. That is what Laura Lippman has done with her latest book, the eighth in the wonderful series featuring Tess Monaghan, a Jewish-Irish private investigator, and it is one of the year's best crime fiction novels so far. Read More »


In the tradition of Thomas Harris and Patrica Cornwall, Karin Slaughter offers up the latest installment in her crime series featuring medical examiner Sara Linton. Read More »

The Enemy – by Lee Child

“The Enemy” is the newest novel in the Jack Reacher series of adventure/mystery novels by Lee Child. Reacher was introduced in the earlier novels as a retired US Army Military Police officer who lives out of a suitcase, and resolves crimes. Lee Child is actually an Englishman by birth, who has only recently moved to the US. He had a ... Read More »

The Narrows – Michael Connelly

The Narrows is the latest crime thriller from Michael Connelly, and the one which firmly establishes him as a brand with a franchise. Not that is neccessarily bad, in fact, it is par for the course in the mystery/crime genre. The Narrows is the sequel to one of Connelly’s early novels The Poet, which featured FBI agents after a serial ... Read More »