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Las puertas retorcidas – The Twisted Doors

Here's a cool book for anyone who speaks a bit of Spanish and would like to learn more... Read More »

Half-Price Books, Trip 2

I haven't even finished reading all of the books I bought the last time I visited Half-Price Books, but that didn't stop me from loading up again. Read More »

Agatha Christie as a “Radical Conservative?”

Agatha Christie wrote mysteries for the masses. Intentionally or not, they all had political and philosophical undertones. Read More »

‘Eater': small cast, vast imagination

Physicist and prolific author Gregory Benford brings many a new twist to the theme of 'first contact' with a very alien intelligence in a novel which aroused a genuine sense of wonder. Read More »

“Hush” to Judgment: A critical look at Jeph Loeb & Jim Lee’s Batman

Waging a one-man war against a terrible, terrible superhero comic. Read More »

‘Pashazade: The First Arabesk': heat, handled with flair

Before he swaps a Seattle prison for the seething snake-pit of Iskandryia, ZeeZee has no idea that he was fathered by a man of prominence and power. Awaiting him are a potential wife, a murder riddle, sudden violence -- and a new identity and social standing. Read More »

Madame Maigret’s Own Case – Georges Simenon

I recently discovered Georges Simenon and his Inspector Maigret, and now I'm afraid I will have to buy every one of his books. Read More »

Try Bangkok 8 for some spicy Thai

First off, let’s dismiss the mystery plot. Yes, it’s a detective novel, but the case itself is more intrusive than interesting. There has been a murder that is the end result of some horrible, squalid, violent, psycho-sexual perversion, the primary culprit being a Rich White Male. Certainly, almost all contemporary literature seems to be dominated by horrible, squalid, violent, psycho-sexual ... Read More »

‘Probability Sun': bending the chances of survival

You'd think human beings could leave World in peace, after all the trouble they caused last time. Read More »

Writers, living together

Jealousy is always an issue when you have artistic egos vying for personal space in a relationship – although it’s not something unique to the artistic. Robert Fulford looks at an essay by writer Kathryn Chetkovich about her own struggles with her work and herself when her partner, Jonathan Franzen, hit popular and literary success with his book, The Corrections. ... Read More »