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The Dead Horse Paint Company – by Earl Emerson

Earl Emerson is a writer living in Seattle. He is also a firefighter. He has a couple of different mystery series, set in the Seattle area. One is written around a police detective named Thomas Black and the other is written around Mac Fontana, the chief of a small rural fire department. He also has written non-serial suspense novels about ... Read More »

Blood Hollow – by William Kent Krueger

In three earlier novels, “Iron Lake”, “Boundary Waters” and “Purgatory Ridge”, William Kent Krueger established Cork O’Connor and the small town of Aurora, Minnesota. O’Connor runs a hamburger stand on the lake, serving tourists and fisherman, after his career as Sheriff was stranded as winds of local politics changed. O’Connor and his wife salvage a failing marriage, and try to ... Read More »

Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency by Dr. Herbert H. Thompson and Spyros Nomikos

“It will not be won on the road; rather it will be decided on the Net.” Wrapped in the guise of a techno-thriller, Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency, attempts to accomplish several goals: provide a unique entertaining experience and present information about software security and electronic voting. The plot centers on Chad Davis, a computer researcher, who is about to ... Read More »

The Priestly Sins – by Andrew M. Greeley

For his latest novel, Father Greeley has moved away from the mystery format, and he has left his belove detective, Bishop Ryan as bit player. It is story about a priest in a fictional midwestern community who is summoned as a witness on a preliminary Motion in a lawsuit against an archdiocese for sexual abuse by a priest who has ... Read More »

The Bishop and the Beggar-Girl of St. Germain – by Andrew M. Greeley

This story, published in 2001, has Greeley’s beloved sleuth and auxiliary bishop Blackie Ryan travelling from his home ground in Chicago to Paris where he investigates the disappearance of a young priest who has become popular and controversial as a student chaplain and television preacher. Ryan takes on a young student, who he meets as a beggar, as assistant and ... Read More »