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Black, White, East, West

This perilous world that so many of us yearn to change is the inevitable consequence of the color line. Read More »

eBook Review: Blomqvist (2nd Edition) by Michael Hickins

Vivid, well-written historical fiction, set in an age of battles. Read More »

The Execution of Osama bin Laden

Does the killing of Osama Bin Laden represent what we stand for as the leader of the free world where democracy and the rule of law mean more than our gut instinct for revenge? Read More »

Proper Burial for Osama: Cremation

Only proper Muslims should receive proper Islamic burial, right? Read More »

Normalizing “The Other”: The Case of Little Mosque on the Prairie

Little Mosque on the Prairie is brilliant in its simplicity. Read More »

The Great Battle of Uhud (Phase 2)

The continuation of the battle between Qureish and the Muslims. Read More »

The Riddle of Egypt

Egyptian opposition rejects claims of progress Read More »

Qureish’s March to Medina

Qureish's march to Medina, their planned revenge attack on the Muslims, and the Prophet's (pbuh) decision on the defense of the City. Read More »

History of Islam: Badr – The Aftermath

The aftermath of the Battle of Badr, where the Prophet (pbuh) was firmly established as not only a spiritual leader, or a political leader, but a military man of note. Read More »

The Battle of Badr (The Outcome)

The Battle of Badr and how Allah Almighty's help manifested itself as an army of angels helping the Muslims defeat the might of Qureish. Read More »