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American Workers in Egypt Charged; Seek Refuge in US Embassy

American government workers with strong Washington ties seek refuge in American Embassy in Cairo. They face charges of failing to file reguired papers. Read More »

Patriot Act Extended

National security gets a boost. Read More »

The Left Joins Radical Muslims to Mourn Osama Bin Laden as a Martyr, Al Qaeda Threatens Revenge

Useful idiots. Read More »

Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s New Vice-President, is Moving With Authority

A look at Egyptian Vice-President Suleiman. Read More »

Egypt Without Mubarak -– What Lies Ahead?

What will the future bring without longtime ally of the West, Hosni Mubarak? Read More »

Watching Egypt, Tenuously

How do you show solidarity with the Egyptian protesters? Read More »

Egypt’s Grand Opportunity for Change

Will new forces of oppression hijack the Egyptian revolution? Read More »