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Music Review: Nemo James – ‘The Minstrel’

Nemo James 'The Minstrel'

A collection of 17 soothing (for the most part), slow-tempo ballads. Read More »

Music Review: Jordan Okrend – ‘World Keeps Turnin’’ EP

'World Keeps Turnin' Jorden Okrend

Everyone needs some of the positivity that shines through in Jordan Okrend’s latest offering. Read More »

Music Review: J Burn – ‘Burnt Blue’ EP

J Burn 'Burnt Blue'

There is something stifling and disempowering about so much nostalgia packed into four songs. Read More »

Music Review: Gideon King & City Blog – ‘City Blog’

Gideon King and City Blog

‘City Blog’ offers 10 meticulously crafted songs that have bloomed and blossomed to the outermost limits they could have been capable of. Read More »

Music Review: Kimia Penton – ‘Lessons From Life and Love’ EP

Kimia Penton 'Lessons From Life and Love'

‘Lessons From Life and Love’ will sound quite familiar to listeners of adult contemporary music. Read More »

Music Review: Lozk – ‘Meaningless Words’

Lozk Meaningless Words Cover

‘Meaningless Words’ would make both for great background music or a centrepiece of a musical appreciation night. Read More »

Music Review: Space Apaches – ‘Smokin’ Voyages’

Space Apaches Smokin Voyages Cover

'Smokin’ Voyages' is a socially conscious album well worth a listen. Read More »

Music Review: Tumbler – ‘You Said’

Tumbler 'You Said'

Tumbler has put together a collection of beautiful, fun, and melodic music well worth the listen. Read More »

Music Review: Jon Briggz – ‘Still Lost’

Jon Briggz' We R The Lost 'Still Lost'

Trying to prove a point might have backfired on this artist. Read More »

Music Review: Elessar Thiessen – ‘A Rainy Week in Paradise’

Elessar Thiessen A Rainy Week in Paradise

A rainy day can be either miserable or wonderful according to your attitude; Thiessen goes for the latter. Read More »