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New Rioting, Demonstrations in Egypt

In an unanticipated turn of events, the people of Egypt are rising up against new president Morsi. Read More »

Half of Egypt

Egyptian women are taking to the streets today to fight for their rights. Read More »

And No Stone Was Cast…Egypt Stands Its Ground

Egypt shows incredible solidarity in spite of the odds against it. Read More »

Arab World Order May Be Falling Apart

With Arabs demanding freedom in country after country, it may be impossible for all the sultans' horses and all the king's men to put the Middle East back together again. Read More »

In Cairo’s Liberation Square, Christians and Muslims Unite as One

Truth and beauty unite as Christians and Muslims pray together in Cairo's Liberation Square. Read More »

The Riddle of Egypt

Egyptian opposition rejects claims of progress Read More »

Egypt Protesters Do Not Relent for Election Promise

Unless Egyptians choose their own solution, their problems of unemployment, poverty and corruption will not be solved by the west-sponsored ElBaradei and likes. Read More »

Mubarak: Talks Like An Egyptian

Mubarak speaks to the people in Tahrir Square and issues an "invitation to dialogue that is still on." Read More »

Egypt’s Grand Opportunity for Change

Will new forces of oppression hijack the Egyptian revolution? Read More »

Wikileaks Cables Claim U.S. Supporting Egyptian Revolution

Once again Wikileaks appears to have shown the perfidity of the U.S. in its dealing with even important allies. Read More »