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“I Hope Obama Fails” Just Took On a Whole New Meaning

The GOP path back to power comes with a price that I doubt very many of them would want to pay. Read More »

Buddy Roemer: Victim of Reality

A few words on the man most deserving of a win in New Hampshire. Read More »

Dealing with Obama Fatigue

Barack Obama's policy decisions continue to befuddle both his opponents and his supporters. Read More »

The Return of Reason: On the Political Realist’s Resurgence

No compromise on the federal budget. No moratorium on social issues. Michele Bachmann running for president. Reason needs a comeback. Read More »

The Rational Right Strikes Back: Sanity Scores A Stunning Victory in Delaware

What the Republican Party can learn from an unexpected victory in a very unexpected place. Read More »

Social Conservatism: An Obituary

With America's new wave of fiscal conservatism, far right social policies are nothing more than a relic of the past. Read More »

Schizophrenia in the Two Party System?

Is it a psychological disorder or a crisis of conscience? Read More »

What Makes a Theocratic Statist a “Liberty Candidate?”

No candidate who takes money and endorsements from extremists and bigots can be considered pro-liberty. Read More »