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Apple’s Newly Awarded Patent and a Broken System

A grossly sweeping patent awarded to Apple shows the flaws in applying current patent rules to tech Read More »

When Mobile-Friendly Is Not Enough For Users

Mobile-friendly is all the range yet this does not deliver the best mobile user experience. Read More »

Darth Vader has an iPhone too – How the Empire Uses Apple

The Empire uses Apple products, what would the Rebel Alliance use? Read More »

iPhone 4 – Love and Hate in a Glass Box

How to love your awesome new phone, while still noticing some of its flaws Read More »

Windows 8 Hands-on: A Mobile OS that Still Has Love for the Desktop

A hands-on look at Windows 8 through the Windows Developer Preview Read More »

Microsoft Windows 8 beats Google Chrome OS

Windows 8 features will give Chrome OS and Android combined a run for their money. Read More »

Internet TV – What Do We Know About It?

Books, theater, cinema in our lives still remain. Traditional TV comes to the Internet. Read More »

Can You Blog from Your Mobile Phone?

Blogging from the desktop or laptop is one thing. What's it like when you're on the mobile? Read More »

Most Inspired Smartphone Apps

Yesterday's mainframes are nowhere near modern smartphones. But how can we use this power effectively? Read More »

Hardware Review: Tetrax Handheld Electronics Mounting System

A review of a strong removable mount that will hold your mobile or handheld device without using the windshield. Read More »