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In the Name of Jesus

Anti-Jesus religion. Read More »

Book Review: Brigham Young: American Moses by Leonard J. Arrington

Vintage reprint of Leonard J. Arrington's landmark biography of Brigham Young. Read More »

About That Romneycare

Obamacare versus Romneycare, different or the same? Read More »

American Honor

How can I be a proud American when I can't find any pride or honor in our politicians? Read More »

Obama, Romney, Clooney, and an Invisible Guest


Today let's have a break from excessive political fundraising and have our political leaders come together to benefit humanity instead. Read More »

Follow the Line of Koch, Fundamentalists

Up for a line of Koch? Read More »

Romney-Obama Battleground State Suffering from Hunger Crisis

What cannot be forgotten amid the election hype is that Ohio is suffering from a growing hunger crisis. Read More »

The Importance of the Lilly Ledbetter Act

Do women deserve equal pay? Read More »

Cookiegate: an American Vignette

Mitt Romney unwittingly illustrates what’s great about America. Read More »

Children are Dying in Cities – Gun Control Is the Issue

Mitt Romney has several views on gun control. Select one. Read More »