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Does Spirituality Produce More Meaningful Meditation?


Starting from a spiritual standpoint leads to a higher form of meditation, cultivating health in all aspects of life. Read More »

Thinking Outside the Brain About Health Care

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The idea that consciousness is not in the brain and the positive impact spirituality can have on health are both gaining ground. Read More »

Is There a Silver Bullet for Good Health?

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In order for patients to be healthy, they needed to address non-physical issues in their lives, like relationships, stress, or money. Read More »

Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic


Some caregivers are finding that spirituality can be a key ingredient of good health – especially for prevention. Read More »

All Hands On Deck

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In medical treatment, considering the whole person and his or her spirituality becomes an “all hands on deck” type of care. Read More »

Finding Your Way Up and Out of Stress

Recognizing the causes of fear and stress, and how to address them in thought, is important in improving health. Read More »

Health Consciousness: Working Together

Changing the approach to health and healing by including a new concept of oneness among the individual and his relationship with those in his world. Read More »

The Brain: Is it the Source of Health?

Is there value in looking for the source of consciousness outside biomedical and body-based research? Read More »

Gaining a Mental Edge

Gaining a "mental edge" can make the difference between victory and heartbreaking disappointment. Read More »

New Views in Caring for Health

Patients are driving change in available health care options. Read More »