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Is Obama’s Call for Peace an Impossible Dream?

How global domestic abuse affects you, and what you can do about it. Read More »

Mitt Romney’s Costly Plan for a Stronger America

Mitt Romney remains a high spending hawk. Read More »

America’s Military: The Tactical Evolutionary Lag and the Price Being Paid for It

The reality of what war as a business has done to our country. Read More »

Eisenhower: Put Hearts and Minds into Fighting Global Hunger

A concerted effort among nations can strengthen the United Nations World Food Programme and its hunger-fighting efforts. Read More »

Last Words Worth Acting Upon

Richard Holbrooke knew we should end the war in Afghanistan. Read More »

The Discovery Channel Presents: The Kennedy Detail

The Discovery Channel special focuses on the secret service agents assigned to protect President Kennedy. An examination of the best years of their lives, and their darkest day. Read More »