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First Republican Debate – Presidential Timber or Dry Rot?


Can you imagine a phone call between President Trump and Russia’s President Putin? I picture Armageddon happening within less than thirty minutes. Read More »

For Some, God Only Helps Those Who Arm Themselves

Mike Huckabee isn't alone in suggesting a Creator more petulant than compassionate. Read More »

Reflections on the GOP Loss: In Search of a Silver Lining

It’s axiomatic that no thoughtful resolution of the abortion [or any other] question is going to issue from glib pronouncements of gloating liberals but only from heartrending deliberations of humbled conservatives. Read More »

The Ambiguous Support of Chick-fil-A’s Freedom of Speech Supporters

If you dig past the chicken fat you'll find something most foul. Read More »

The War on Obama, and The Death of Civility in America

The most serious casualty in this war on Obama, is the death of civility and fair play in America. Read More »

Why Sarah Palin Will Never be President

Ms. Palin will not sit down and shut up, nor will she ever be president of the United States. Read More »

Why the Left Attacks Sarah Palin

Is the left really afraid of Palin, as some Republicans claim? Or is something else going on? Read More »