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Hollowing Out of the Middle Class is Concomitant With Rising Political Polarization

Political divisions rise as the middle class crumbles. Read More »

Martin Luther King, Jr.: American Dreamer

Dr. Martin Luther King's dream was about becoming rich in love and justice. Read More »

Money Cannot Be Eaten

Materialism is just as oppressive as the other 'isms' humanity has been struggling to free itself from. Read More »

Obama Needs to Get Gutsy at Home

The president has been widely praised for his bold move to kill bin Laden. The middle class would benefit from a few gutsy moves, too. Read More »

The Better Path to Prosperity

"It's the middle class, stupid," the world's banker-in-chef says. Read More »

A New Way to Pay; Reforming the Federal Income Tax Code

Is there a better way to pay income taxes? Seriously? Let us find out. Read More »

Oil Prices Not Affecting the Economy

Oil and Our Economy Read More »

Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz, and Throw in Some Irony While You’re at It

There's a reason why commercials don't use the entire song. Read More »

The Protests Are No Surprise; The Wonder Is Why They Didn’t Happen Sooner

Midwest worker revolts finally give rise to what Glenn Beck feared the most. Read More »

American Suburbs Are Uninvestigated Crime Scenes

The damage wrought by subprime lending looms large in the suburbs and largely affects the middle class. Read More »