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An Unbearable Shallowness of Being: The Comedy-Tragedy Dualism

A case for Comedy : The success of the Daily Show is a living testimony of the power of comedy in tackling a conversation about very critical and important matters of the day. Read More »

Book Review: Baseball Is America: Origins and History: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Victor Alexander Baltov, Jr.

If you like sports and politics, movie metaphors, analogies, and similes, you’ll love this book! Read More »

What Obama Can Learn From Lady Gaga (And Progressives From The Tea Party)

Lady Gaga plays base politics like Huey Long. Obama does it like Marie Antoinette Read More »

American Idiocracy: A Rant

What will the U.S. political map look like after the mid-term elections? And what will it look like a decade from now? Read More »