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TV Review: ‘Parks and Recreation’ – ‘Moving Up’

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation's season finale is a near-perfect series finale, even though the show gets to come back! Yay! Read More »

Bill Clinton Raises the Roof at the Democratic Convention

Former President Bill Clinton knocked them dead as the Democratic convention continues. Read More »

Book Review: American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America by Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama shares her garden's missions and donates all author proceeds to the National Park Foundation. Read More »

Coolest Celebrity Kitchens

More than their fame and fortunes, we’re jealous of these celebrities' sprawling, masterfully designed kitchens! Read More »

Honest Dialogue about “Food Desert” Legislation

Crime, lack of education, and lack of jobs spin off situations like food deserts. Read More »

Why Sarah Palin Will Never be President

Ms. Palin will not sit down and shut up, nor will she ever be president of the United States. Read More »

Celebrating Four Decades of Essence

Essence magazine celebrates forty years. Read More »

I Applaud Michelle Obama for Launching the Child Obesity Task Force

First Lady Michelle Obama helps with childhood obesity. Read More »

The School Lunch and National Security

Global child hunger is a threat to our national security. Malnourished children are never a foundation for world peace and stability. Read More »

When Veggie-Gate and Reality TV Collide: Let the Viewer Beware

When veggies have stunt doubles... what next? Turn off the TV. Read More »