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The Newsroom: “I’ll Try to Fix You” – A Lesson in Truthiness

HBO's The Newsroom takes on truthiness Read More »

President Obama to Speak to Congress

The President will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8. Read More »

Is Obama Finished?

It's still quite early, but the polls are not looking good for President Obama. Read More »

Why He Will

The debt downgrade, a lousy economy, constant criticism: Why Obama will win again. Read More »

Ron Paul Scores a Close Second in Iowa Straw Vote

Libertarian and Tea Party favorite Ron Paul has much to say in debates, and in the Iowa Straw Poll. Read More »

A Quick Take on Michele Bachmann’s Migraines

Michele Bachmann's migraines are a sign of very serious stress in her life. Read More »

The Secret Truth About the GOP Primary Field: There are Only Two Real Candidates

Right now, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are the only credible choices. Deal with it. Read More »

The Sum of Our Parts

Politicians rely heavily on appeals to our prejudices and fears, among other emotions, in pushing their agenda. Should we let them? Read More »

A Busy Weekend for Republican Contender Michele Bachmann

Rep. Bachmann,(R-Mn)had a busy weekend as she began her quest for the 2012 Republican presedential nomination. Read More »

The Deadline Gambit

Boehner probably said, “Eric, you can go, now.” It’s a chess move where you sacrifice a Bishop to a Queen. Read More »