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Michael Steele’s Coonery Tour Has Ended

Steele, a bright and intelligent person prior to becoming a national political figure, became someone who played up the worst stereotypes of Black in mainstream media. Read More »

Here’s A Belated But Happy Fourth of July, America.

Brought to You by Cynthia Tucker, Michael Steele and President Obama. Read More »

Republican Liberty Caucus Stands Up for Gay Rights in Texas

Liberty Republicans in Texas are standing up against anti-gay rhetoric in their party's platform. Read More »

Capitol Idea: The Peep Show I’d Pay to See is Inside the RNC

Steele's troops offered manufactured outrage in response to this week's lesbian-bondage scandal. But what really went down at GOP HQ? Read More »

Republican National Committee Offers More Controversy than Leadership

Weakened by scandal, the RNC may cost Republicans the opportunities which President Obama has handed them. Read More »

A Republican “Purity Test” — A Remarkably Stupid Idea

Maybe the GOP really is as stupid as the left claims it is. Read More »