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Halloween – Hooligans, Hijinks, and Happiness

hallo 3

I look forward to Halloween because I feel like a kid again and have an excuse to dress up, eat candy, and watch old scary movies. Read More »

“Last Locker on the Left”: What Glee Currently Has in Common with the Horror Genre

The creepy music, the tilting camera, and the almost supernatural presence of Karofsky at every corner in McKinley makes the show less gleeful and more horrific. Read More »

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 Is A Tangled Mess

In an attempt to be both shocking and abstract, Zombie and H2 fall well short of anything worth watching. Read More »

Rob Zombie’s Halloween is a Brutal, Troubling Film

Rob Zombie's Halloween delivers intensity, shock, and brutality in place of standard slasher fare and a must see for horror audiences. Read More »

Movie Review: Halloween II (2009)

What a brutal trip this was. Can we go again? Read More »