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And Then He Told Us It Was Raining: Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island Provide a Seminal Moment

ferguson protests hands up don't shoot

Americans daily and the international community of nations have taken note, and even a country like North Korea can scoff at America when it comes to human rights – America has loss its moral standing in the world. Read More »

Op-Ed: Misplaced Fury In Ferguson


It’s all so preposterous because most Americans, black and white, understand the reality of black social pathology and it has little or nothing to do with white cops. Read More »

Killed by Police: Not Only in Ferguson, But All of America

Eleanor Bumpurs: Shotgunned to death by police in 1984

There is a long, long history of white cops receiving immunity after shooting and killing black people needlessly. Read More »

Blizzard of December 2010: Mayor’s ‘Sorry’ A Tertiary Response

Bloomberg and company are more concerned with people getting to Broadway shows during a blizzard than getting to a hospital. Read More »

Are Your Cosmetics Quietly Killing You With Nanotechnology?

The cosmetics industry is dabbing nanotechnology on your face - but is it safe? Read More »