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What a Straight Guy Learned About Life from The L Word

As a male fan of a series about lesbians, I connected to the human dramas of seduction, loss, and fabulous clothes. Read More »

Close Encounters of the Naked Kind: A Strip Club Virgin Takes the Plunge

As a bride-to-be, I've always been curious about strip clubs and what men do there. So I thought I'd see firsthand. Read More »

The Man Who Stares At Goatees

All things must come to an end. Even when they've become attached to your face, and vice versa. Read More »

Insecurity and Power: Men and Women

Why aren't women honest with me? "I don't want to hurt his feelings" is essentially deception. Read More »

Fashion Freedom Flows in Only One Direction

When a theme park banned briefs for men while making no such demand on females, they furthered society's prejudice against the male form. Read More »

Is He Ever Going to Marry You?

Just because you sleep there, that doesn't make you his wife! Read More »

Men Are So Hard to Understand

First you date guys who do the kinds of things you can never understand, and then you marry one. Read More »

The Needy Woman: A Man’s Worst Nightmare

Men analyze women on a deeper level than women do men - and there you were, worrying about your hair! Read More »