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Book Review: ‘The Great Grisby’ by Mikita Brottman


A wonderful look at the trials and tribulations of dog lovers in the past as they come to terms with the differing personalities of the pets they call their own. Read More »

Stranger Danger: “Help” Offered by Roadside Men


It's best to decline a helping hand from someone licking yellow cheese puff dust off his fingers. Read More »

The Male Disease: Is it Destroying American Society?

The Male Disease; perhaps George Carlin's greatest social finding. Can the damage it is doing to American society be stopped? Read More »

A Meditation on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team

Lessons learned about women, not only in sports, but in all walks of life. Read More »

Book Review: Does He Cheat: Confessions from Men — 50 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating by Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart

Clues for cheating and cynical strategies for handling them. Read More »

Men, Dogs, and Daisies

Male nurturing is as natural as the rain. Read More »

Book Review: Why Do Married Men Cheat with Unattractive Women? by Emunah La-Paz

The important take-away message of the book is that if men cheat, women should move on. Read More »

Book Review: Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

A wonderful book provides tips on how to better get to know your family. Read More »

Book Review: Don’t Give Up! Unexpected Answers to Marital Challenges by Gary Hoffman

Don't give up if you have marital tensions. Listen to your wife empathically. Read More »

Too Many White Men in the Military?

Using any approximation of discriminatory behavior doesn't magically become more professional or less wasteful when applied to white men. Read More »