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Middleburg and Virginia Film Festivals: ‘Ithaca’

Photo used with permission from Middleburg Film Festival

Meg Ryan's directorial debut about Homer Macauley's coming-of-age deserves much more positive attention. Read More »

Middleburg Film Festival Panel: Meg Ryan’s Directorial Debut, ‘Ithaca’

Photo used with permission from Middleburg Film Festival

Meg Ryan shared details about casting, crossing over to directing, and working with Tom Hanks again at the world premiere of her directorial debut, 'Ithaca.' Read More »

Preview: Middleburg Film Festival Begins This Week

Middleburg Film Festival Logo

The Middleburg Film Festival begins today, featuring a full roster of celebrated directors, actors, and production artists. Read More »

LA Film Fest: Kiernan Shipka of ‘Mad Men’ and Meg Ryan make ‘Fan Girl’ Fun


'Fan Girl', by director Paul Jarrett and screenwriter Gina O'Brien, was a total trip when it premiered at the LA Film Festival. A “trip”? Dude, that’s so last century. If there is anything this movie isn’t, it’s last century. Fan Girl is a winner of a movie because of the writing, the casting, and the acting. If all that works together, the director deserves credit as well. On the surface Fan Girl is a story of teenager Telulah Farrow, played by Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men, Flowers in the Attic), who adulates the punk band All Time Low. She thinks she needs to connect with the band and create a music video for her filmmaking class to launch her movie career. What she really needs, and the story beneath the surface, is to learn what is really important in human relationships. Read More »

Borders Bookstore: Paying our Respects

Borders Bookstore in Deerfield, Illinois is among the casualties of the chain's bankruptcy filing. Read More »

Movie Review: When Harry Met Sally

A review on the one of the most popular chick flicks of all time. Read More »