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Prelude to the Great War in Islam

Muhammed's (pbuh) relations with the Jews and his instructions to the Muslims regarding the caravans of Qureish. Read More »

The Jews of Medina

Muhammed's (pbuh) relationship with the Jews of Medina and how Islam affected them as a whole. Read More »

Islam in Medina (Part Two)

The Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) stay in Medina and the political implications his presence brought about in this city. Read More »

Islam in Medina

Muhammed's (pbuh) entry into the city of Medina, and the mixed emotions that were manifested as he slowly began a political structure among the Muslims there. Read More »

Impact of Islam

Muhammed (pbuh) and his companions, Abu Bakr and Abdullah bin Uraiqit, travelled to Medina to escape the forces of Qureish. Read More »

Turning Point In Islam

The story of the Prophet's 'Flight to Medina' that heralded the start of the Muslim calender, and Qureish's intentions of killing him. Read More »

Is a Medina Upset Possible in Texas?

Is Texas heading towards one of the biggest upsets in its political history? Read More »

Book Review: Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam by Kamran Pasha

Who was the "Mother of the Believers" and how did Islam begin? Read More »