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An Open Letter to the Suicidal and the Disease of Depression (R.I.P. Robin Williams)

robin williams

Robin Williams's comedy was part of my recovery. I watched until I could recite his jokes by heart. His death is especially hurtful because it was his comedy I often returned to for relief Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Disease Delusion’ by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland


Can we use diet and supplements to help strengthen our inner reserves, protecting us from the many toxins that create illness? Read More »

Childbirth: Medical Fear-Mongering from Both Sides

Both sides of the medical community use fear to impress their opinions on pregnant women. Read More »

Book Review: Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants

A madcap dash through the different realities of the human species - plus encounters with aliens to boot. Read More »

Radio Free MP3: Brother Dege, Medication, & Tony Sly

Free MP3s for the taking. Read More »

Non-Being and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Personal Investigation

Five years ago, my Brother-in Law could do many things. Not now. Read More »

A Bipolar Disorder Update

Looking past the joy and fun of bipolar disorder: a pharmaceutical update. Read More »

Five Steps to Seasonal Allergy Relief

This year allergy season seems more potent and early in many areas of the United States. The vigorous bloom of pollens has been bothersome for more than six weeks. Read More »