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Democrats vs Republicans on Health Insurance

There are clear differences between the Democratic and Republican parties with regard to health insurance. Read More »

ObamaCare Revisited

We were fed a lot of promises about Obamacare. How did they turn out? Read More »

It’s Time to Embrace Partisanship

Bipartisanship and compromise are dead. If we want a more effective Congress, we must embrace partisanship. Read More »

The Not-So Great Society

LBJ told Congress, “Very often a lack of jobs and money is not the cause of poverty, but the symptom." Read More »

We Can’t Afford the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

It is crazy to extend the payroll tax cut at this time. Read More »

Government’s Higher Standard

We're only holding one part of our economy accountable if we focus squarely on government alone. Read More »

History and Consequences

The consequence of default would crank up borrowing costs and flush the US economy back into the toilet of recession. Read More »

Debate over Health Care: Rationing of Intelligence Again

Finally, a break through the bluster of partisanship to single out the greatest unquestioned assumption about health care. Read More »

Rationing Returns

Like the mythological Phoenix, “Death Panels” have once more taken wing. Read More »

Republicans Have Done Nothing to Address the Economy

In their first four months in control of the House of Representatives, the GOP has attacked Medicare and abortion rights. Where are the jobs? Read More »