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Restless House, M.D. Fans Wonder What’s Next?

Has this season of House, M.D. all been in House's mind? And can fans expect more of the same when 13 returns in "The Dig"? Read More »

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A potential smallpox outbreak threatens the hospital and House in "A Pox Upon Our House," House, M.D.'s eighth episode of the new season. Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Office Politics”

House has a new team member: she's smart, she has principles. Will she be thorn in the thorny doc's side--or his biggest new asset? Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Selfish” in Depth

Who's being selfish in this week's House, M.D., "Selfish?" Read More »

Blu-ray Review: House Season Six

House, M.D. season six on Blu-ray. Perfect pre-season entertainment! Read More »

Blood, Guts and Gore on House, M.D.

In honor of Halloween, the ickiest moments in House, M.D. history Read More »

A Bit of Emmy Awards Speculation for House, M.D. Fans

The primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced next week. Will House, M.D. be invited to the party? Read More »