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The True Conservative: A Popular Pipe Dream?

The Republican base wants a "true" conservative this time around. Does such a thing even exist? Read More »

Medicine That’s Truly Complementary

I used to think MDs didn’t care much for complementary and alternative medicine. But then I read this… Read More »

But What Do You Plan on Doing with That?

Why is there such a stigma attached to the liberal and media arts degree? Read More »

Hardware Review: Samsung 8GB SD Card – Class 10

A quick hardware review of the Samsung 8GB SD Memory Card - Class 10 for HD recording. Read More »

The Growing Influence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Is the Media Paying Attention?

The Bay Area has become a hotbed of complementary and alternative medicine research and education. Is the media paying attention? Read More »

Something Rotten at the CNN Debate

When we let the media pick our candidates we might as well just give them control of our government. Read More »

September 11: A Reflection

September 11: the images burned into our collective soul. Read More »

Should the Pollsters Pick the Candidates? Gary Johnson Excluded from Iowa Debate

Who picks the GOP presidential candidate? Is it Republican voters or the media and their pet pollsters? Read More »

DVD Series Review: Murphy’s Law, The Complete Collection

Merry Old England, Me Think’eth Not! Read More »

How to Spin the Somali Famine

How do you spin the famine in Somalia to promote peace toward Muslim Americans? A survey of news titles released August 2nd by three major news sources yielded surprising results. Read More »