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Federal Court Blocks Indefinite Military Detention in the NDAA

If they had any shame, after reading the ruling against indefinite military detention in the NDAA, legislators who voted for the bill would resign. Read More »

Why Did Mississippi Black Counties Vote for Romney?

But majority-white counties went strongly for Santorum; why is that? Read More »

Obama Under Pressure to Take Military Action in Syria

Key Republicans continue to pressure the President to take a military response to the bloodshed in Syria. Read More »

DADT Repeal Languishes in Senate

Filibuster led by McCain; portions of DADT seem irrelevant Read More »

No Sign of ‘Drill Baby’ During Oil Spill

As the biggest oil spill in US history continues to expand, people are wondering where big oil drilling supporter Sarah Palin is. Read More »

The Endorsement Minefield of Palin and Romney

Why would they support McCain over Hayworth? Read More »

John McCain Inexplicably Thinks He’s Relevant

He may still be able to raise money, but that's not enough reason to let him continue to taint the GOP with his legacy of failure. Read More »

Talk of Permanent Majority for Dems is Premature

Why pundits proclaiming a new permanent majority for Democrats are wrong. Read More »