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NYC Mayor Bloomberg Leaving Office – 12 Years a Stave

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It’s about time New York City had a mayor who cares and is more interested in the people on the city’s streets rather than those in its ivory towers. Read More »

Common Core Wars – The NY State Senate Strikes Back

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We need to get back to teachers teaching instead of teaching to the test. This report is a sign that we are getting there. Read More »

The Anniversary of the Crash of Flight 587 – A Silence Too Loud for Words

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Family members and friends of the victims all have no choice but to never forget, even though it will sometimes seem that other people wish you did. Read More »

Common Core Wars: New York State Begins To Face Reality About Standardized Testing

The CCSS were created to bring a deeper and more meaningful education to students. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a salient difference between teaching for rigor and relevance and teaching to the test. Read More »

Common Core Wars: Education Official Mimics Babe Ruth – Chances Are She Will Strike Out

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Schools chancellor Tisch sounds more like New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan promising a Super Bowl victory than the Yankees icon the Babe promising a home run. Read More »

New York Mayor Pushing to Expand Food Composting


Uneaten food comprises one-third of all waste in a city like New York, where widespread composting would bring a variety of economic and environmental benefits. Read More »

Quality or Quantity – Do We Really Need More Instruction Time?

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There are no easy answers in education, but the idea of adding more instructional time is like putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound. Read More »

Common Core Wars – The Stakes Keep Getting Higher

In the coming years we may have what really will be the end of education as people know it. Read More »

NYC Marathon Canceled: What Took Them So Long?

New Yorkers spoke up for their fellow residents who are still suffering, and the Mayor backed down. Way to go, New York! Read More »

Some New Yorkers React Predictably to Hurricane Irene Response

Once Irene passed over us inflicting much less damage than expected, the armchair quarterbacks were quick to complain about Bloomberg's "over reaction" to the hurricane. Read More »