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Test Scores for Dummies – And, No, the Kids Are Not the Dumb Ones

dummies acne-truth

Unfortunately, on the way to the party dummies Bloomberg and Cuomo forgot the people who matter most – the kids! Read More »

The Sandy Aftermath: NYC’s Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency


Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced an initiative to design strategies to anticipate, measure and monitor major weather events and their impact on the local infrastructure and the power grid. Read More »

New York City’s New Campaign Against Sugary Drinks


Dieters under medical supervision already know the consequences of a high sugar intake: excess daily glucose readings, type 2 diabetes, and more. Read More »

New York City Appeals Tingling Decision

Mayor Bloomberg seeks to reinstate the ban on supersize sodas at the appellate court level. Read More »

Bloomberg Proposes Electric Vehicle Parking Expansion

Bloomberg has proposed the city build up to 10 percent of parking spaces for electric vehicles. Read More »

New York Mayor Bloomberg Seeks Ban On Super-Sized Sodas

Mayor Bloomberg rightfully seeks a ban on super-sized sugary sodas. Read More »

The Giants Receive Keys to NYC and a Ticker-Tape Parade

The Giants receive the keys to New York City in a splendid ticker-tape parade. Read More »

Vice Capades: NYC to Gamble on Temperance


Less drinking, more gambling? There's no angle from which this makes sense. Read More »

Protesters in Zuccotti Park – Will This Be Their Valley Forge?

Something that started as a protest has become a movement, something that the 1% cannot fathom or appreciate, at least not yet. Read More »

Pastor Terry Jones: Byproduct of Christian Protests that Produce UnGodly Behavior

Pastor Jones has even saints scratching their heads wondering who ordained the minister and founder of Burn the Koran Day. Read More »