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Why ‘Once Upon a Time’ Is the New ‘Lost’ : Part Deux


Sadly, Once Upon a Time still falls short of Lost. Read More »

Why Once Upon a Time Is the New Lost

For Lost fans mourning the loss of good television, Once Upon a Time has become a suitable replacement. Read More »

Why I’m Trying Not to Watch Sports

I love you sports. But I think you're bringing me down and alienating me from my fellow man. Read More »

Book Review: Finding Lost – Season Six: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford

You can never go home again...but then again, maybe you can. Read More »

Looking Back on Lost: Paradise Lost and Found

Jack's road to redemption or salvation or even inner peace is the story, with all the other twists and turns adding to it and making the ride worthwhile. Read More »

Book Review: Lost: Messages from the Island by Titan Books

An entertaining, if surface-level, look at the making of Lost's first two seasons. Read More »