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Economics and Politics: Against Vulgar Marxism

There’s something to be said for addressing the economic and the political separately; to the extent possible, as conceptually apart. Read More »

Punish Your Enemies

The ways of Obama and the Liberal Media Complex (LMC) laid bare for the recent election and beyond. Read More »

Conservative Jesus, Liberal Satan, and Middle of the Road Amway

Do you ghost write for God or Satan? Read More »

Class Consciousness: A Question of Titanic Proportions

Social class is one of humanity's most important constructs, but what is it? And why bring up the Titanic? Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Carlos — The Criterion Collection

As gripping in its fluid decade-spanning account as it is detailed in its biographical portrait. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): After the Revolution

It's rare we get such a close look at people with such firm convictions and such clear human and philosophical reasoning behind them, right or wrong. Read More »

A Rather Simple Choice

The Obama power grab skids to a halt Read More »

Witchcraft and Marxism in Delaware

Will Chris Coons dress up as Lenin for Halloween? Read More »

Book Review: Bonfire of Illusions, The Twin Crises of the Liberal World by Alex Callinicos

How the structure of international politics relates to the fundamental instabilities of modern capitalism. Read More »

DVD Review: Eclipse Series 18: Dušan Makavejev, Free Radical

Dušan Makavejev's early feature films pave the way for his groundbreaking WR: Mysteries of the Organism: sexy, provocative, and hilarious. Read More »