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An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect: an Overview, Part Two

Capitalism and socialism are virtually indistinguishable from the standpoint of being able to respond to the challenges facing the human prospect. Read More »

Hobbes and Locke Revisited, A Postscript

It is thus that modern day liberalism, has long since acquired the distinct flavor of being a knee-jerk reaction, nothing more. Read More »

Class Consciousness: A Question of Titanic Proportions

Social class is one of humanity's most important constructs, but what is it? And why bring up the Titanic? Read More »

Hobbes and Locke Revisited: The Foundations of the Modern Liberal State, Part II

Right or wrong, the association of wealth and riches with individuality continues to have a strong hold on us. The things we have, what we drive, where and how we live, the clothes we wear, they all seem to define us. Is there anything wrong with that picture? Read More »

Discontented and Mad as Hell in Cheese Whiz Land

And Not Going to Take it Anymore, Bur First Look Closely at This Bright, Shiny Object in My Other Hand Read More »

Book Review: Capital: Volume One: A Critique of Political Economy (1867) by Karl Marx

A look at the classic work on economics explaining how capitalism works. Read More »