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DVD Review: ‘Not Another Celebrity Movie’


'Not Another Celebrity Movie' spoofs 'Oceans 11' with an entertaining cast of celebrity lookalikes. Read More »

Facebook and Google to Contribute to $3 Million in Annual Prizes for Curing Diseases

Facebook and Google revenue to contribute to $3 million annual prize to scientists curing diseases. Read More »

A Temporary Victory for Internet Freedom

Bold moves blacking out major internet sites scored a victory as bills fighting online piracy were temporarily tabled. Read More »

TV Review: The Good Wife – “Great Firewall”

The Good Wife is expertly great, with long arcs that stay intense without resorting to a lot of action. Read More »

Movie Review: The Social Network

The story behind the creation of Facebook. Read More »

Movie Review: The Social Network

David Fincher and a strong, energetic cast breathe life into the birth story of Facebook Read More »

Movie Review: The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg programs drunk as a skunk while he tames the Internet jungle to co-found Facebook. Read More »

Movie Review: The Social Network

Facebook: The Movie! "Like" it today, I know I did. Read More »

The Facebook After-Party

Facebook, the premier site for socializing on the web, needs a place where you could let your hair down. Read More »

Book Review: The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story Of The Company That Is Connecting The World by David Kirkpatrick

The short, phenomenal history of Facebook is laid out in this fine new tome. Read More »