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Baseball’s Opening Day – New Drug Policy Described As Toughest Ever

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Players are going to think twice about rubbing that “crème” on their limbs, taking suspicious cough medicines, or popping pills any stronger than a baby aspirin. Read More »

Major League Baseball’s Biogenesis Scandal – Out for Justice or Blood?


We are once again faced with scandal and the notion that the great American game is not so pure and wonderful as we want it to be. Read More »

Barry Bonds Guilty: The Home Run King Knocked Off Throne?

If Bonds is guilty, so is baseball and every fan who cheered as he rounded the bases. Read More »

Barry Bonds Trial: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

This trial is more about Major League Baseball, specifically how baseball has turned a blind eye to the problem of performance enhancing drugs for years. Read More »

DVD Review: Baseball: The Tenth Inning – Directed by Ken Burns

Telling America’s stories through stories of America’s great pastime. Always the same; always changing. Read More »

To Tell the Truth: The Tale of Roger Clemens

Sadly, something like this only reinforces the convictions of those who lie to push the truth even deeper into that despicable me. Read More »

A-Rod Hits 600: Put It in the Books with an Asterisk

Let baseball put A-Rod and his 600 homers in the books with a big fat asterisk. Read More »

McGwire Failed To Tell The Whole Truth

There is no way a pill or an injection helped with all those home runs? Really Mark? Really? Read More »

Maris Forgotten in McGwire’s Confession

While McGwire "cleared his conscience" by coming clean about PEDs, Roger Maris still stands in the shadows of baseball history. Read More »

McGwire Is More Than Qualified to Coach in St. Louis

Major League hitting coaches have weaker job resumes than your average high school sophomore. So why shouldn't Mark McGwire get a shot? Read More »