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TV Review: ‘The Americans’ – Season Two Finale


'The Americans' continues to get better as it delves into longer arcs, moral ambiguity, and characters wrestling with difficult choices. Read More »

TV Review: The Americans – “The Colonel”

The Americans delivers an exciting finale, with good surprises as well as dangerous ones. Read More »

TV Review: A Gifted Man

A Gifted Man's Dr. Michael Holt is a "gifted man"; he's smart – and he sees ghosts. That's pretty gifted! Read More »

TV Review: Justified – “Bloody Harlan”

Justified ended its second season with some gun battles and blood letting, even more than expected. Read More »

TV Review: Justified Returns With “War”

Justified returned as strong as ever, tying up loose ends, and starting some interesting new arcs. Read More »