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Book Review: ‘The Rainy Day Killer’ by Michael J. McCann

the rainy day killer

When common courtesy is used as a lure by a brutal killer, can a woman ever feel safe? Read More »

Book Review: Simply Charming: Compliments and Kindness for All Occasions by Christie Matheson

Christie Matheson’s shtick seems to be you can catch more flies with sugar. She may be onto something with this compliments and kindness jazz. Read More »

Book Review: Good Table Manners Made Easy: Quick Tips For All Ages by Maryann B. Sawka

After reading Sawka`s book, you`ll be able to rekindle the art of effective mealtime practice. Read More »

Are You a Fine Southern Gentleman?

There is no expiration date on manners. Manners can make or break an interview. They may even help you meet your spouse. How are yours? Read More »


Chain-texting is the new nasty cigarette habit of Gen Y. "Qwerty" should be a dirty word. Text junkies need social rehab. Read More »

Music Review: Passion Pit – Manners: Deluxe Edition

Re-released with three bonus tracks, this album remains excellent. Read More »

How About A Little Thanks?

The traditional thank-you card has faded into the distant past, and many are forgetting to express their gratitude at all. Read More »

Yes, I’m Guilty

Okay, so where has being polite gotten YOU? Read More »

What Makes You Think It’s O.K. to Say That?!

The next time someone hands this 20-year-old a kids' menu, I'm dyeing my hair gray. Read More »

Goldilocks and the Shade Hijackers: My Beach Vacation

Sometimes day at the beach can stress you out. Especially when you're surrounded by thieves. Read More »